Delta - code inspection and diff tools

Delta is a suite of source code diff cgi scripts. Adapted from cvsweb, it makes code inspection easy. It also provides another diff tool with which you can either compare two files or two directories recursively. It is written in perl and uses String::Ediff for finer diff.


   comparing two directories

1. Emacs ediff-style human friendly diffs
2. Web-based code inspection, code inspect is just one click away
3. Recursively compare directories and content compared can be controlled

tar zxvf delta.tgz into a web server home directory.

Example installation for Apache 1.3 on Linux:
1. Download and build apache 1.3
2. create a directory called html in your home directory
3. cd html; tar zxvf delta.tgz
4. create a file called html.conf in html with the following content
    ServerRoot /home/your-login/html
    DocumentRoot /home/your-login/html

    TypesConfig      /etc/mime.types

    Listen 2002
    LogLevel emerg

    ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "/home/your-login/html/cgi-bin/"
    Make sure change your-login.
5. copy the httpd built in step 1 to html and rename it to apache
6. start apache with the following command
    cd html
    ./apache -f `pwd`/html.conf
    important: you should start the server as yourself not as root
7. open a browser (firefox for example) and type in the following url:

  1. code inspection:
  2. comparing 2 directories or 2 files:
    enter the paths of the two directories or files

  Change localhost to the host name or ip of your computer

   FreeBSD CVSweb Project
   PERL module: String::Ediff
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